Citizens holds off on plan for higher rates for new customers

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s mammoth state-run insurance company decided Thursday to review its plan to allow unlimited rates for new homeowners following a loud public outcry. The board of governors decided to ask the staff of Citizens Property Insurance to study the issue further before bringing it up for a vote. Under the plan, a 10 percent […]

Immediate And Substantial Hikes On Florida Insurance Horizon

During recent years, Florida fl homeowners insurance has been a topic of high media profile and hot debate. Like property owners across the entire globe, Floridians are justifiably concerned about protecting themselves against major losses due to damage or the destruction of their largest economic investment. Like homeowners elsewhere, the primary means of acquiring such […]

How Your Florida Insurance Policy Is Rated

Drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance in the state of Florida in order to comply to state mandated laws. While the state minimum limits are very minimal, you will be required to maintain Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage to operate your registered vehicle on public roadways. When you are receiving quotes from […]

Understand The Florida Insurance Requirements

The Florida state insurance laws differ from any other states of US because every state has its own unique environment, culture and traditions e.g. if we talk about the hurricane insurance then it is as similar to most of the earthquake insurance in different states. Due to these differences you need to understand the Florida […]

Florida Insurance Companies

Insurances could be one of the most important things you and your family should be prepared with. If anything like an untimely death or any inevitable accidents would happen, then you would be armed with the security that you will be assisted with whatever fees you may need to handle during those kinds of situations. […]