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If you own a townhome or condo, you have different Florida insurance needs than the typical homeowner. Not only do you own your individual condo, you also share ownership in the common areas and overall structure of your building. If shared areas need upkeep and maintenance, your association will typically handle the expense through their master insurance policy. Although your association dues help pay for upkeep of the common areas, they do not typically cover the inside of your unit and your liability if someone is injured on your property.

Florida condominium insurance provides protection where condo associations do not. Condo and townhome coverage protects your possessions within your unit, including furniture, flooring, light fixtures, appliances, kitchen and bath facilities and your personal items. If you plan on upgrading your unit, any improvements you make will also be covered under your policy, including wall units, renovations, wallpaper.

If you would like to feel more secure, you should look into purchasing a Florida condo or Townhome insurance plan from us. Contact us to get a condo or townhouse quote right now!

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